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 Lounge/ Nightclub in The


The Meta Lounge/Nightclub is an exciting new world of fun and adventure, created by a group of Hospitality experts, Event Managers and Artists, in collaboration with blockchain and NFT/metaverse experts.
Not everyone is interested in going into the Metaverse solely for playing to earn
games. We provide an experience where like minded individuals can have fun whilst expanding their horizons via business networking, social networking and cultivating new friendships in a fun and immersive environment.
It is the perfect place to meet new friends from all corners of the world and
participate in community events like parties, wine-tasting, cooking contests, etc.
Our metaverse is full of unique features and an exciting plot that delivers an unrivaled immersive gameplay experience. Inside the lounge, you will find mixologists from different walks of life, where they come and showcase their skills of specially curated recipes for our community members.
The nightclub is always bursting at the seams with loads of fun and excitement,
especially during night parties and music concerts when DJs come to play and music artists perform their hit songs.
The lounge also features a luxury hangout section. It is a private space where users can effectively connect with other members and build lasting relationships. Members can also host conferences, seminars, and roundtable discussions on a wide range of topics.
Furthermore, the Meta Lounge/Nightclub also features a teleportation pot that will blow your mind to pieces. You can virtually transport yourself to any given location with the teleportation pot. It is an immersive virtual reality experience that will keep you coming back for more.
The Meta Lounge/Nightclub is a world of endless fun and excitement. It is a
metaverse built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and
machine learning; you don't want to miss it!


● Official Website launch
● Release of Whitepaper (V1) 
● Start community building on our Discord server
● Minting of the Meta VIP Lounge NFT 
● Public Release of the Meta VIP Lounge NFT on Marketplace


● Strategic Partnerships 
● Launching of Lounge Architectural Designs 
● Introductions Of Partnerships 
● Website Update 
● Launching of merchandise for Meta VIP apparels 


● Unveiling the progress of the Lounge Construction 
● Meta VIP Lounge NFT int​egration with Avatar system 
● Opening of Meta VIP Lounge Teleportation gate 
● Grand Opening Of Meta Lounge (New Year’s Eve, January 1st, 2023) 
● First DJ Event 
● First Wine Event 
● First Happy Hour (hosted by TBD) 
● First Bartender class 
● First Musical Artist Event



Where and how can I mint an MetaVipLounge?  

The Meta Lounge/Nightclub is an exciting metaverse filled with fun and adventure. It is the perfect hangout spot to meet new friends and participate in community events like parties, wine-tasting, cooking contests, etc.

How to join?

To fully enjoy the fantastic features of the lounge, you will need first to purchase the Meta VIP Lounge NFT. It provides unfiltered access to all the unique benefits of a luxury VIP experience, which include: mixologists, luxury hangout, educational package, teleportation pot, as well as exclusive access to different packages.

What can I do in the lounge?

Apart from meeting new people from all corners of the world, you can attend conferences, seminars, roundtables, music concerts, DJ parties, etc. You can also learn new skills and showcase your unique talents.

Where and how can I mint MetaVipLounge NFT?

The MetaVIpLounge NFT can be minted through our website by connecting your wallet and on the Solana network marketplace.

Is there a Whitelist?  

There will be no whitelist we want to be all inclusive to our community members. There will be a presale at a discounted rate before the official minting date. This will be announced only on our discord and Twitter channels, for our community members, so follow our channels to get all the latest information on our project.

What is the Mint price?  

The mint price will be 3 Solana for a lifetime membership to our MetaVipLounge.

Is there Rarity?  

Yes!Super cool!…. We will be keeping the final NFT design and look private so as to protect our project and community. During the presale we will unveil our unique NFT art that we have in store for our community members. One thing it is not, is another Ape!.